Official Campaign Ad - Gene Douglass For Congress North Carolina District #2

Because I am a retired Chemistry teacher, and I am applying for a job to represent you in the 2nd District of North Carolina, I figured my one campaign ad for this cycle would be this sample lecture.

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This one was a dry run of a topic that would I would present this short lecture, in the application process for a possible job a few years ago. My assistants were my youngest son Robert Douglass, now a pilot, and Wake County delegate for his precinct, and one of my former Organic Chemistry students Jorge. He was one of our chemistry majors at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, a great guy and very smart, now serving our country in the Texas Army National Guard or Reserves I believe. Besides, you may learn a little Organic Chemistry. Enjoy.

Here is a YouTube list of all the videos I have from my previous campaigns and this campaign where I was interviewed by numerous media personalities. It is funny because in some ways the local News stations and PBS took my campaign more seriously than the local PBS and network stations here in Raleigh. Just goes to show how things have changed over 20 plus years. The current MSM is not interested in giving any free media attention to candidates who disagree with their own network and personal political leanings. But, the old ones represent my views 20+ years ago, which have not changed but gotten fine tuned over the years.

I hope you find them informative, while I ask for your vote next Tuesday March 5th.

If you wish to donate to my campaign here is the link below:
To Donate to my campaign for the US House NC #2.


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