May 18 • 32M

The Disintegration of a Christian College

This was an interview I did for a student of The King's College, my alma mater which is involved now in a controversy that may lead to it's dissolving.

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Gene Douglass
A site for interesting stuff on the fight between Good and Evil on the earth that God created. From God's special revelation of the Good News of Jesus Christ, to General Revelation in my specialty, the teaching of College/University Chemistry.
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I address various problems in Christian colleges, as well as trends in Christian theology today, moving denominations, and even historically Christian colleges away from the foundational Christian doctrine standards they held for those who claim to be Christians as I John 2:1-4 lays out so well. - efd

Here is the article I address here, and that newspaper has articles about the school’s problems as well if you are interested.

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