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Steve Schmidt on McCain

Steve Schmidt on McCain

An interview Schmidt did on his epiphany that McCain was a crook.

Original Politico Article

This former ally and campaign CYA person for Senator John McCain, now saying how much of a slime McCain was and even sliming his family in his diatribe I found very funny. As ALL of these RINOs have been exposed for the frauds they always were, by the master of RINO exposers our former President Trump who ran for office to change the status quo. Resulting in destroying the RINO GOP establishment, and exposing the demoncrats and the MSM for the slime they always were.

I have my own experience with John McCain, which goes way back to me teaching Chemistry at the College of Micronesia on the Island of Pohnpei, where we were told that Senator McCain’s wife Cindy and one of his sons were visiting the island of Pohnpei, and we invited them to come over to our home for dinner, where we had spaghetti and I thought a nice visit, where she told us about her charities and visit to the islands, and enjoyed her son, who got along with our 2 sons. We thought it was a nice visit too, as Carol kept in touch with her via letters for a few years afterwards.

Well, a couple of years later we landed in Hilo, where I decided to run for the Republican Nomination for US Senate to unseat Senator Inouye, a very liberal, pro-abortion (even partial birth) partisan hack, who pretended to represent the people of Hawaii, where his political positions ended up helping destroy the Hawaii Sugar Industry. (Some materials from that campaign, and others are on this space) I even ran full page ads in the Washington Times National Weekly Edition to try and raise money for the campaign. Well, I heard that my campaign got noticed by McCain and McCain (supposedly a conservative Republican) decided to defend his fellow veteran friend against my political attacks. Well, that was very funny to me, because I was campaigning on principle and did not have to win to make my points, just get in there and leave the rest for others and God to decide. In the years since, I was and still very proud of the fact that McCain thought I was an arrogant A**hole for publicly attacking his friend.

When I heard of Steve Schmidt’s epiphany, particularly after he spent years shilling for his “friend” McCain, I laughed. Particularly with the role Senator McCain had in distributing the Steele Dossier, and pushing the Russia Hoaxes from the RINO side.

This interview is wonderful evidence of the slime that still infects the Never Trumpers, Neocons, and other RINOs that infect the GOP to this day. This post is another of my efforts to expose this. Please share this essay and audio interview. The guy, along with Nicolle Wallace are pathological liars, who have exposed themselves as the frauds and their danger to the Republican Party as a whole.

Please subscribe and support my work, so I can do a small part to continue the valiant effort to ask more of Republican leaders, who wholeheartedly support our Prolife Platform and all the other features that stand us apart from the Demoncrat party, that thinks nothing of killing unborn babies, to suit their selfish purposes.

My attacks on Senator Inouye in 1998, that got his friend Senator John McCain upset with me……

It is also funny, after his good friend Rep Patsy Mink died in September of 2002, as my wife Carol had run against Patsy Mink in the 1998 General Election for Hawaii District #2 of the US Congress, we wrote him a letter of condolence for the death of his friend. I was surprised to get a letter in response from him, admitted that I was correct regarding his political efforts on the mainland, that helped destroy the Hawaii sugar industry.

The campaign document I wrote about that issue, for 1998 and 2000.

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