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Is Woke Science the Only Science Allowed in Academia?

My recent talk at the Stanford Classical Liberalism Initiative seminar. By Lawrence Krauss

This is a wonderful article, I give a portion of it and then refer you to his substack below - efd

I recently gave a seminar at the Stanford Classical Liberalism Initiative, organized by Ivan Marinovic, with the title of this post. I had originally intended the seminar content to be available for just the seminar participants. However, there have been numerous requests for access to the examples I presented. Dorian Abbot kindly reproduced the slides for his Heterodox STEM Substack Site, and they will be posted on Dec 18th, and Ivan also asked if he could post the recorded video to the Classical Liberalism Youtube page, and I have agreed.

Following the request from Ivan to outline the troubling incursion of various aspects of what can be called, for lack of a better term, “woke ideology” into science, and if possible with references to physics, I worked fairly hard to amass a host of examples. Many of these have appeared in the context of previous posts on Critical Mass. It was a difficu…