Gene Douglass speaks at the Durham GOP

Allen Mashburn and I got a chance to speak at the Durham GOP on Tuesday February 20, 2024

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I spoke at the Durham GOP meeting on February 20, 2024. I hope you enjoy it. I and Pastor Allen Mashburn, candidate for Lt Governor, spoke at the Durham GOP meeting on February 20, 2024. My thanks to the Durham GOP for allowing us 10 minutes to speak about our campaigns.

You may wonder why I went over there to speak with them, well my Uncle Fenner Douglass was an Organ Professor at Duke University from 1975 till his retirement in 1987. And I was hoping and pleased that someone I met there was one of his organ students. It was wonderful to meet her.

Here is Allen’s speech as well, for your viewing as well. We have fine candidates running for Lt Governor. He also was NOT endorsed by the Raleigh News and Observer. We are both thankful for that.

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